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The Prescott Method
Easy Steps to Perfect Bread Baking, Every Time

A comedy about two women, the perfect housewife, and her “Easy Steps to Perfect Bread Baking, Every Time”
It’s 1966, and Peg Merwood and Veronica DiGregorio, two suburban housewives are brought together by Veronica’s request: “teach me how to bake bread.” Peg does just this, led by lessons from Elizabeth Prescott (think Betty Crocker with a dollop of Martha Stewart) in her book, “The Prescott Method” The women meet regularly to follow the steps of the Prescott Method- to bake bread, but also to have a time to be by themselves, apart from home and family. Through these meetings they reveal losses and fears to one another, as well as joys, and find a friend to help them in coping with the lives they have chosen to lead.


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