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ICYMI - #tinyshakespeare Project in Conversation with Shakespeare's Globe

A few weeks ago, the #tinyshakespeare Project worked with Shakespeare's Globe and Montgomery County Community College to stream information about Shakespeare's Globe and Playing Shakespeare directly into classrooms and across Montgomery County. I had a chance to sit down with questions from students and community members, and chat directly with Globe Artist Colin Hurley ( actor and teacher), and talk about creating living theatre in a stage space with a pedigree over 400 years old. You can view the conversation with Colin Hurley here, on line until Wednesday November 23rd.

Check it out! And while you are at it- check out the teaching tools Shakespeare's Globe has incorporated into their new site:

...where teachers can create personalized accounts for bookmarking and accumulating teaching tools available from Globe Education.

You can find out more about the #tinyshakespeare project by searching on the hashtag on Twitter or Facebook, or just browsing the posts here on this blog.

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