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Quimper : A Ten Minute Confessional

From Bridge Street Theatre’s Charles and Priscilla Patterson Mainstage in Catskill NY, Michael Whistler’s QUIMPER is an enigmatic, densely-packed, concise little gem, available to the public free of charge beginning Wednesday, December 2nd.

The piece (one portion of a full-length piece called THE FAGGOT MUSEUM) had its world premiere in 2012 at Stageworks/Hudson as part of PLAY BY PLAY: RENDEZVOUS, the theatre’s annual festival of brand new one-act plays. The production was directed by John Sowle and featured Steven Patterson in the play’s only role: a fastidiously dressed middle-aged man who enters the meticulously furnished back parlor of what appears to be an historic home. He’s the type of man that the word nattily was invented for: starched crisp collar on a pale oxford shirt, linen trousers, loafers. His hair is perfectly coifed. Prominently on display in the room is a French faience chamber pot. The man begins speaking to an unseen guest (or guests) about his obsession with collecting pieces similar to the one on display....


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